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Throughout many years of rock climbing, mountaineering, trail running, and most recently competitive Obstacle Course Racing, I have tried numerous protein/energy bars to keep my caloric intake up, as well as having them packable. While many perform the required goal of hitting the correct nutritional needs/goals, they frankly taste like cardboard and have to be choked down. Rox Bars hit that winning mark of taste, freshness, and correct nutritionals. These bars are made from real food, are dairy and gluten free, and full of healthy calories and fats. I now have to hide them from my family at home because they tried them and now prefer them over many of the other snacks in the house.

Jason Knudson

I love the Rox Bar as it is whole foods, gluten free, all natural and as such, can be counted on to digest fully to maximize my nutrient uptake. Staying lean is about frequency of eats and with Rox Bars, due to their calorie counts in the 250 to 270 range, I can use them as a meal replacement, or as a snack in between meals.They are so good that I often joke that I could eat my body weight in these.

Blake Beckom

Moist, chewy, delicious AND healthy. Doesn’t get any better.

Debe Crippen

I LOVE Rox Bars! Not only are they delicious, but they are also good for you! How often do those two things go together?! They are easy to pack and they supply me with lots of energy. I can’t say enough good things about them!

David Labahn

I’m having a Rox Bar every morning for breakfast. It tastes great and it’s so easy and convenient! Of course the number one thing is that it’s healthy. I like having something that’s healthy that I don’t have to work hard on or make first thing in the morning. I love the Cocoa Cherry!

Nancy Batten

Rox Bars are one of my favorite performance foods for training. They taste amazing, pack the perfect amount of protein and carbs, and are absolutely crush-proof. Whether in the pocket of my bike jersey or stuffed into a backpack, I can always look forward to a delicious healthy snack for any outdoor activity.

Michelle Rhea

As an avid age group triathlete I gave up sugar and junk ‘nutrition’ long ago. Rox Bars taste great and helped get me to the podium. Isn’t that what we are all looking for?

Kevin Miller

Rox bars are one of my staples whenever I can get my hands on them. I rarely have time to manage three balanced meals and have tried many different meal replacement bars. They usually leave me unsatisfied or taste chalky and required a bottle of water to finish. However, Rox Bars are both delicious and make me feel great for hours after having just one. I’ll eat them for breakfast on my way to work in the morning and be full of energy and satisfied well into lunch time. They also come in many flavors ranging from sweet and crisp to hearty and rich so that there’s always something for everyone to enjoy in any situation.

Will Hoffman

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