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How much protein do Rox Bars contain?

Rox Bars contain 10 to 13 grams of protein.

What are Rox Bars sweetened with?

We use coconut sugar and honey to sweeten our bars. Both are low on the glycemic index which is important in stabilizing blood sugar levels.  High glycemic foods have an index of 70 and above. Medium index foods range from 69 to 56 and foods 55 and below are on the low end of the glycemic index.  Coconut sugar is 35 and honey is 55 on the scale.

Are Rox Bars okay for diabetics?

As with any health condition, we would suggest asking your doctor. However, food low on the glycemic index can be beneficial to anyone, including diabetics.  These foods help stabilize your blood sugar and insulin levels which is a key to long term health.

How many calories are in a Rox Bar?

Rox Bars range from 255 to 266 calories per bar.

Are Rox Bars considered a snack or meal replacement?

Either. The amount of calories, protein and nutrients in a Rox Bar make them a perfect snack or meal replacement.

How many carbs do Rox Bars contain?

There are 27 to 34 carbs in a Rox Bar, depending on the flavor. Carbohydrates like oatmeal, nuts, and seeds give you enough fiber to make you feel full. Carbs also help your digestive system function properly.

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