It's about nutrition. It's about taste. It's about time.

My passion for baking began at an early age – Easy Bake Oven age.  My first tiny cupcake was devoured by my dad right out of the oven and I was hooked!  Making people happy with my food creations!

When I was a young adult I read cookbooks like mystery books! I read up on the nutritive properties of everything- bee pollen, carob, wheat germ, and all sorts of mysterious ingredients I hadn’t heard of before. I learned that food didn’t have to be a compromise anymore. It could be healthy and tasty if only I tried hard enough, if I found the perfect combinations.

Fast-forward to my fifties. My husband and I are empty-nesters as our three strapping sons have all ventured out into the world. I’ve never been good with idling, so I decided to train for a triathlon. Doesn’t everyone?

I started looking into protein bars to take with me on runs and during workouts, but none of them fit my standards. The ones that tasted good made me sick; glorified candy bars. The ones that were reasonably healthy; chalky and dry. I knew that I could do better.

So, I developed my own protein bar; tasty, like a moist, chewy cookie, packed with protein and nutritious and of course it needed to be something that could keep me going during the long workouts. When I shared my creation with friends and family the response was so enthusiastic that I named them Rox Bars!

Now I’m full circle – from Easy Bake Oven to Full Production Oven I’m creating food that is devoured by people of all walks of life.  My dad would be so proud…

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